Don Angelo "Due Pistole" Zanzigo

Ambitious Self Made Crimelord with Dreams of Empire

Brawn Finesse Wits Resolve Panache
2 3 3 3 2
Arcana Reputation Backgrounds Level
Ambitious -10 Rivalry 1

Reputation Notes: + 5 (defeating pirates), -2 (not keeping word to prisoner), -3 (allowing prisoner to die)
Net Reputation Change: 0

Advantage Cost Notes
Academy 4 Initial Martial Skills cost half
Connections 2 Confidant: Arabic Smuggler
Dangerous Beauty 3 Roll 2 extra unkept dice for any seduction attempt
Languages 7 Venician (Free), Arabic (3), Spanish/Italian (1, Read/Write), Russian (2)
Linguist 2 Languages cost 1 less
Noble 12 Plus Basic Holding (Smuggling Operation)
Scoundrel 3 Gain Streetwise Skill and a Reputation of -10
University 3 Initial Civil Skills cost half
Civil Skills & Knacks Level Cost Civil Skills & Knacks Level Cost
Courtier 1 Spy 1
Dancing 1 0 Shadowing 2 0
Ettiquette 1 0 Stealth 2 0
Fashion 1 0 Interrogation 1 2XP
Oratory 1 0
Politics 1 2XP
Scheming 1 2XP
Criminal 1 Streetwise 0
Gambling 1 0 Socialize 1 0
Shadowing 2 0 Street Navigation 1 0
Stealth 2 0 Underworld Lore 1 3
Ambush 1 2XP
Sailor 1
Balance 2 4XP
Climbing 2 0
Knotwork 1 0
Rigging 1 0
Martial Skills & Knacks Level Cost Martial Skills & Knacks Level Cost
Athlete 1 Firearms 1
Climbing 2 0 Attack(Firearm) 1 0
Footwork 2 0
Sprinting 1 0
Throwing 1 0
Dirty Fighting 1 Knife 1
Attack(Dirty Fighting) 2 1 Attack(Knife) 2 1
Attack(Improvised Weapon) 1 2XP Parry(Knife) 2 1
Fencing 1 Pugilism 1
Attack(Fencing) 2 1 Attack(Pugilism) 1 0
Parry(Fencing) 1 0 Footwork 2 0
Jab 1 0
Wrestling 1
Grappling 1 0

Total XP: 15
XP Spent: 14 (Courtier:Scheming 1, Spy:Ambush 1, Dirty Fighting:Attack (Improvised Weapon) 1, Balance 2, Politics 1, Interrogation 1)
XP Left: 1



Standing a bit above the height of the average Venician, Angelo keeps his hair trimmed shave to prevent it from being a liability in the rough brawls he often finds himself in. He permits himself a distinguished mustache and beard however. Under his fine clothes, puckered scars from pistol shot and knife wounds mar his burly physique. Hard living makes him look older than his two and thirty years.


Angelo doesn’t know who his father was. His mother wasn’t quite sure either though she suspected it was one of her clergy clients. She raised him as best she could in the Cannaregio district of Venice. Angelo worked odd jobs, running with the other street urchins and doing work for the local gangs. He was a rare healthy child with a knack for surviving the ills that killed other children.

His mother wasn’t so hardy. The bloody flux took her when he was 10. When the men took her away, he was left homeless and broke. The doctor they had hired with the last of their funds took pity on him and took him in. That lasted about a year before he ran off. He returned to his life of crime but more serious, more determined.

He and a few friends worked to undermine another gang. They took over their territory and then improved their rackets. Years passed and he and his goons controlled sizable amounts of trade in and out of the city. He picked up the name “Due Pistole” for his habit of carrying to pistols with him at all times. He was doing well. But he wanted more.

When he was 20 he started a turf war with another gang of criminals. They ambushed him one night and put five bullets and not a few knife blades into him. But he survived. His gang wreaked bloody revenge on the gang in the next few days. Rumors of his viciousness spread through the region. Angelo was not to be crossed.

A couple years ago he managed to seduce a noblewoman and bribe her impoverished family. They were married and he gained access to the higher halls of power within the Venician empire. With the barrier of blood conquered the sky is the limit.

Now he needs some more funds for his next set of bribes and scheming. A seat in the Great Council will need some substantial bribes in order for his name to get in the Golden Book.

Session 1

He has established an uneasy relationship with Captain Benito Montescue with the captain knowing not to ask questions and a cabin set up for Angelo in the hold.

An encounter on the high seas with a slaver ship has raised some big questions. Someone is working against the interests of Venice and thus himself. The information he extracted from the lone survivor suggests a connection to North African pirates and someone close to Venice. It could be the Ottomans but more likely it was another Venitian or perhaps Spain or a rival Italian state. As of yet no one knows that the prisoner gave up his secrets.

He has also discovered his wife Baronessa Moira Zanzigo has some of the Sight. Though her visions were eerily accurate he doesn’t see sense in being worried about them. He will however listen to them in case something of use comes out of them.

He has made a wager with Beatti (a.k.a. Veronica Barbaro) to attend a party at the House of Sighs without causing a scene.

Session 2

At the house of Sighs, Don Angelo managed to pick up some intriguing clues on the growing conspiracy. He also managed to get his first step towards a seat on the Major Council, aligning his political fortunes to Conte Marco Bernoulli. He also made an enemy of Gregori Contarini, a fact he pleasantly enjoys. All in all much enjoyment was had at the party.

He has begun to suspect Quinn Archer is not what she claims to be. It is clear she knows more of high society than she claims. He is amused that she has two noble men chasing after her and looks forward to seeing how she handles it.

He does wonder if Captain Benito Montescue is holding out on him. The seemingly common soldier handled himself surprisingly well at the party. That in mind, Angelo is ingratiating himself with the crew.

Angelo is unsure who is behind the conspiracy against Venice. It is possible the gunpowder was being smuggled in to blow up the palace, perhaps hidden in the walls (an issue he intends to check) or as a present from the north (further obscuring its origins). Perhaps the gunpowder was in marked barrels?

For now Angelo will make the most of his wife’s visions. There is a threat to the lion, which is either Venice or Bernoulli. The waters will rise perhaps through foul play or through the spring tides. Pirates or mercenaries might be gathering. Somewhere due east of Venice.

Session 3

After it was clear getting direct evidence from the Doge’s palace was impossible, Angelo had his smuggler friend Jacob take his wife to safety while he prepared to head toward Trieste. Despite his advisement, Bennito had the reluctant Quinn testify to the veracity of a note implicating Gregori Contarini, an ex-councilor who can be only Renard Zen, and an unknown third party. It is the third party that bothers Angelo. As expected, the Admiral ignored the testimony of a woman claiming to be a noble. Luckily she was not locked up for impersonation.

Of the coast of Trieste they encountered a large warship with several figures of interest: the stranded Tonso and the pirate captain of the Darkening Wind who somehow survived. Here was the evidence they sought. Despite their best efforts the ship was badly damaged by the time they boarded and was finally sunk by the enemy’s final volley.

The muslim captain was a greater threat than expected and Angelo was hurt grievously before he could overpower the pirate. After seeing they had captured not only the ship and its captain but Reynard Zen himself, Angelo killed the downed pirate. Tonso also met his end.

After some discussion, Angelo and the others (including a badly wounded Bennito) made their way by launch to Venice, taking Reynard in a barrel. The old man did not know of Gregori’s involvement but was willing to give up the rest of the tale. With the admiral on their side they slipped into the palace. Angelo cleared the way for them and they ultimately triumphed and saved the palace.

Now Bernoulli plans a foolish war. Angelo will stay close by his side, crushing his enemies and building his power base. Gregori must be killed or forced out. The limited (and likely smuggled) trade must be controlled and plans made to replace the new Doge. What is good for business is good for Venice. Angelo knows what he needs to do.


Weapons: Knife (3k2), Fencing Sword (5k3), 2 Flintlock Pistols (4k2)
Weapon Accessories: Gunpowder & powder flasks (20 shots), lead (20 shots), bullet mold, ornamented sword sheath, extra flint, plain knife sheath, belt scabbard, whetstone

Clothing: Plain boots, leather gloves, tricorn hat, fine clothes x2, not so fine clothes x2, fancy mask
Miscellaneous: Lantern and lamp oil (20 hours), locked steamer trunk (TN 25), telescope, sealing wax (10 uses), Ink (5 bottles), Pen, Book, spare paper, cards, dice
Food: bottle of brandy, 3 bottles of excellent wine

Remaining Money: 1200 gp

Don Angelo "Due Pistole" Zanzigo

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